7 Easy Steps to Surviving Sinusitis Caused by Pet Allergies

May 26, 2017

3 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

Whether it’s a cat, dog or even a gerbil, pets can be one of life’s greatest joys. Unfortunately for people with allergies, they can also make life quite miserable. Sure, choosing not to have a pet is an option, but being in a long-term relationship or living with family and close friends can call for tricky compromises. Luckily, there are some key strategies to help people with sinus issues caused by pet dander.

1. Using HEPA filters

Keeping air quality clean and breathable is very important to allergenic pet owners. (No surprise there!) High-efficiency particulate arresting, also known as HEPA, air filters help remove irritating particles such as pet dander from your indoor air. While some homes may need a standalone filter, try checking to see if your furnaces is compatible with a HEPA filter add-on.

2. Don’t let pets in the bedroom

A great time for your sinuses to recover is nighttime sleep, and it’s difficult to get sufficient rest if your bedroom is covered in fur. To battle allergy symptoms, simply give your body a break from these allergens by not letting pets in the bedroom.

3. Pet hygiene plan

When it comes to air irritants, fur is just the beginning of it all. The dirt and dander that gets stuck on your pet can also play a major role in unsettling sinus issues. Washing pets at least once a week will not only ensure their good hygiene but also help reduce air pollutants in the house.

4. Indoor, outdoor pets

Although not always ideal, allowing pets to spend a lot of time outside can lessen allergen buildup in the home and go a long way towards easing pet-induced sinusitis.

5. Vacuum regularly

Homes with heavy carpeting will attract and retain pet hair like nobody’s business. Vacuuming frequently is crucial for clean air and healthy breathing.

6. Allergy meds

Depending on how severe your sinusitis is, you may need to commit to taking medication regularly for awhile. Try some antihistamines instead of sneezing and wheezing every 20 minutes. If your symptoms do not go away, you may consider Balloon Sinuplasty treatment.

7. Long-term sinus solutions

Pet allergies can be made significantly worse by chronic sinus issues like sinusitis. Improve your quality of life and make the most of your time with a pet by having a doctor evaluate these sniffles and sneezes—especially experienced otolaryngology professionals trained to help with easy breathing and let you enjoy your home life!

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