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How Kaplan Sinus Relief helps patients breathe better

With a variety of advanced treatment options and state-of-the-art technology, Kaplan Sinus Relief offers every patient a comfortable experience.

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Feel like a VIP in a safe and relaxing environment

As the premier provider of balloon sinuplasty in Houston, we take pride in providing an environment that helps our patients feel at ease as they pursue treatment. We know that symptoms like frequent sinus infections, facial pain and pressure, chronic nasal drainage, and headaches can make life difficult; that’s why at Kaplan Sinus Relief, we strive to make the path to better breathing as simple and refreshing as possible for every patient we treat.


“I don't recall the last time I've fully slept through the night, it has been many years. Last night was my first full rest, only day 6 after the surgery. Life changing experience to be able to breathe well again!”

- Jason S.

Treatment innovations that put your comfort first

When chronic sinus issues are making life difficult, getting relief should be the best experience possible. To help you feel your best and stay comfortable during treatment, Kaplan Sinus Relief offers a number of treatment innovations that make getting relief safer, more comfortable, and easier for all our patients.

In addition to soothing IV sedation and injection-free anesthetic gels that keep our treatments relaxing, patients can rest easy that they are receiving the best care possible. Dr. Kaplan is one of the only ear, nose and throat specialists in America to offer augmented reality guided treatment and Fiagon electromagnetic navigation to make treatments as precise and efficient as possible. Additionally, our in-office CT scans use 82% less radiation than average scanners, so you can rest assured that your care is as safe as possible.

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