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Facial pain and pressure. Discolored, chronic nasal drainage. Bad breath. Headache. Fatigue from sleep disruption. A blocked nose that makes breathing a chore. These are all symptoms patients regularly report living with because they fear an invasive surgery is their only choice. The physicians at the Houston Sinus Center are pleased to offer a better answer.

“Many people who suffer with sinusitis are totally unaware that a simple in-office procedure called balloon sinus dilation can restore drainage and alleviate symptoms in a matter of minutes,” says Dr. Michael Kaplan, a leader and innovator in this procedure, which he calls a “game-changer” in the treatment of recurring or persistent nasal congestion. It’s easy for the patient, reduces costs, and has an impressive success rate.

Post-op Interview with Balloon Sinuplasty Patient

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Boutique Patient Experience

“By using a tiny balloon to expand the sinus pathways and restore drainage, we can bring immediate relief,” notes the doctor.

Desiring to make the procedure as easy and comfortable for the patient as possible led Dr. Kaplan to develop an anesthetic gel that can be administered to reduce or eliminate any discomfort and pressure that might have been encountered with older methods. “I am actively sharing this gel-based compound with my ENT colleagues because I want patients everywhere to have as pleasant an experience as they have at the Houston Sinus Center.

“Our philosophy is to give each patient VIP status and access to boutique services in a spa-like atmosphere,” emphasizes Dr. Kaplan. “We want every patient to have an exceptional experience when they are under our care, and we go to extra lengths to make that happen.”

Comprehensive Houston ENT Care for All Ages

Dr. Kaplan is a part of the Houston Sinus Center which is a division of Medical Center Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Houston, where all ENT-related conditions are diagnosed and treated with compassion, experience, and the most advanced medicine available in this multifaceted specialty.

Those with allergies, hearing and balance problems, TMJ pain, throat and voice box disorders, or ear infections, among others, will find the expertise they need delivered in a patient-centered, welcoming environment.

An in-office, state-of-the-art, low-dose CT scanner means these specialists can scan, diagnose, and treat all in one visit—a terrific benefit for today’s busy healthcare consumers.

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