How a Sudden Change in Weather Affects Your Sinuses

A sudden change in weather is all too familiar to Houstonians, often foiling forecasters and bringing occasional havoc to commutes. But the beginning of a new season is usually a time for excitement, especially if it means a break from the heat and humidity. However, for people with sinus problems,…

8 Ways To Avoid Sinus Problems With Allergies In The Fall

Allergies in the fall come disguised with a present we all long for: cooler weather. After months of hot days and humid nights, no one has more reason to look forward to fall than a Houstonian. However, fall sinus problems can quickly bring misery if you suffer from sinus issues….

Hurricane Harvey’s Mold May Be Affecting Your Sinuses

Chronic sinus got you down? The cause may be Hurricane Harvey and its lasting effects on Houstonian’s homes and workplaces. If you suffer from sinusitis, consider the following tips for eradicating mold to can might alleviate your chronic sinusitis and help keep new sinus infections at bay.

When is Sinus Surgery Necessary?

There’s no such thing as a tolerable sinus infection. It likely won’t take more than a few sinus infections to wonder, “when is sinus surgery necessary?” Between sneezing, congestion, headaches, and pains, even a short sinus infection causes extreme discomfort. For some, just going to the doctor for a quick…

Do You Really Need Antibiotics for a Sinus Infection?

Fall is finally around the corner, but the cooler weather comes at a cost: annoying allergies. You’re likely familiar with congestion, coughing and sinus pain, sinus infections are uncomfortable affairs. Many of our patients ask, “Do you need antibiotics for a sinus infection?” As tempting as it may be to…

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