The Dangers of Chronic, Untreated Sinusitis Complications

If you ask someone about the dangers of chronic and untreated sinusitis complications, it’s possible that they will shrug you off. People commonly dismiss sinus infections as being annoying, but ultimately harmless. All you need is a few tissues and some sort of sinus headache relief, right?

Sinus Infections, Dental Pain, & Toothaches: How to Find Relief

Can a sinus infection give you toothache? Your sinuses and your teeth may seem unrelated, but sinusitis infections have been linked to dental pain and even tooth decay. Here’s how sinus infections, dental pain, and toothache are connected, and how you can take preventative action to avoid all three.

The Surprising Connection Between Sinus Infections and Ear Infections

It’s 2018, and the Texas weather still can’t make up its mind. The fluctuations in temperature, air pressure, and air moisture are causing sinus misery from Galveston to Conroe. As if dealing with one type of infection isn’t hard enough, sinus infections and ear infections can often occur at the…

Can Sinusitis Cause Nausea?

You may be familiar with the more common symptoms of sinusitis and sinus infections, like headaches, congestion, pressure, and throat pain, but did you know that sinus infections can also cause nausea? Sinus infections often cause post-nasal drip — commonly referred to as drainage — which can lead to nausea…

Sinus Infection or Chronic Sinusitis?

Sinus infections are, unfortunately, a very common illness. Many things can trigger a sinus infection, from flying to stress to pregnancy to humidity, and they can affect anyone regardless of health, age, or gender. Sporadic and short sinus infections may be a regular part of anyone’s life, but recurring and/or…

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