Sinus Headaches

How to Stop the Pain and Pressure from a Sinus Headache

April 5, 2016

2 minutes

Hot Compress

Using a hot compress can help to chase away the pain caused by inflamed sinuses. The heat helps to improve your circulation while also relaxing your muscles. To make a hot compress, heat a bowl of water and then submerge a cloth or towel into the bowl. Ring out any excess water then place the cloth or towel in a plastic wrap. Place inside another towel and apply to the affected area.


Massaging your temples, nose and cheeks can help to drain your sinuses, which will relieve some of the pain associated with a sinus headache. To relieve the pain in your head, you should begin by massaging your temples in a circular motion for around 30 seconds. Then, move your fingers to the point where the top of your ear joins your face. You should feel a slight indentation. You should gently press your fingers into this indentation and hold for another 30 seconds. To drain your sinuses, you should apply pressure directly between your eye and cheekbone for a few seconds.

Saline Nasal Spray

Most pharmacies will stock saline nasal sprays that can be used to treat sinus headaches. Using the spray to flush the inside of your nose can help to clear mucus and particles from the nose, which will help to reduce your swollen sinuses.


You can use over the counter medication to help combat the discomfort caused by your headache. However, if your symptoms are persistent, it may be time to seek medical help. Request an appointment today to get on the path to sinus relief.


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