IV Sedation: A New Option for Balloon Sinuplasty

IV Sedation is a great option for patients who experience high anxiety when considering Balloon Sinuplasty.  Dr. Kaplan is one of the few Houston Balloon Sinuplasty surgeons who offer the option of intravenous sedation with an anesthesiologist. This ensures that patients have a relaxing, positive experience and is much more effective than traditional local anesthetic. An anesthesia provider administers intravenous medications to keep patients lightly sedated and comfortable during the procedure allowing Dr. Kaplan enhanced accuracy and safety using computerized image guidance.  By offering patients the option of IV sedation, we have successfully treated thousands of fearful, anxious patients.

“With IV Sedation, the procedure was a peace of cake.”

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Patients who suffer from recurring sinus infections with little relief despite many visits to the doctor may want to consider Balloon Sinuplasty. Dr. Kaplan is a nationally recognized leader in sinus and nasal care and serves as a National Entellus Center of Excellence Trainer in Balloon Sinuplasty.  His success rate has exceeded the already high national average, which is in the high nineties, and he continues to earn referrals from patients and family MDs, who would like the very best methods for their patients.

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