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As a Board Certified ear, nose, and throat specialist in Houston, Dr. Michael Kaplan MD has helped thousands of people breathe better and live better through innovative treatments like balloon sinuplasty. Check out our video testimonials and media appearances to hear from Dr. Kaplan and his patients about how balloon sinuplasty changes lives for the better.

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"By obtaining better drainage, I can resolve these recurring infections and chronic headaches. It's done in-office and takes about 20 minutes."

"Easily 90% of people are breathing better than they have in years."

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I waited 6 weeks before writing this review. I wanted to complete the procedure and all follow-ups prior to posting. This review might seem long, so I will give you the highlights here.

The procedure was great in every way. All the appointments were on time and the staff was great. Dr. Kaplan is great to work with and answered all questions. The procedure, FOR ME, was about as difficult as teeth cleaning. Everyone is different. The post-procedure care was great and complete. Once again Dr. Kaplan answered all questions. I wish I had done this years ago.

I called Dr. Kaplan’s office to get answers to the standard questions. I did not get a SALES PITCH. Yes, it was covered by my insurance. The expected cost for the procedure would be around $310. Dr. Kaplan CAT scanned once before the procedure and once after. Those were not covered by my insurance and that cost me a little more money. Still, the entire procedure was around $310.

Dr. Kaplan is efficient with his time and got right to work looking at my sinuses and the CAT scan. He shared the CAT scan with me and showed the areas that would be affected. While the CAT scan was on the screen, he described what would happen in my case and gave me some idea of what to expect after the procedure.

Dr. Kaplan offers local anesthesia and general anesthesia (put you under) for the procedure. I chose local anesthesia as I did feel that it would not be a long procedure. I was happy with the local. EITHER WAY, you will need to have someone drive you home or make arrangements for a ride.

The day of the procedure my wife and I arrived on time and were taken back to the area where the procedure would take place. Dr. Kaplan answered all my questions again as well as those that my wife had. My wife left the procedure room and Dr. Kaplan’s nurse applied anesthesia strips to my nasal passages. This only takes a few minutes and then the procedure is just as described. After the procedure, Dr. Kaplan reviewed my sinuses and made sure he was happy with the outcome and reviewed my sinuses for other issues.

Dr. Kaplan prescribed two drugs, an antibiotic and a pain reducer. I did not need all the pain reducers as by the next day, I was up and feeling fine. Dr. Kaplan also requires you to get an over-the-counter salt flush kit. GET THIS KIT. It is nothing more than a special bottle and some medicated salt packages. You will need to flush your sinuses four to ten times a day for the first few days. You will flush out more stuff than you ever thought could be in your nose. The kit comes with enough salt packages to get through this event (It did for me.) ONLY USE DISTILLED WATER. Not Spring water, Not Tap water, NOT purified water, ONLY DISTILLED WATER. You will need to flush your sinus many times a day until it is only water coming out of your sinuses.

The results for me were amazing. I can breathe, I can smell things, I can taste food and I am not taking any drug I can find to clear my sinuses. I stopped snoring, for the most part, and I sleep much better.

Do your own research, check with your insurance or Medicare provider, and understand what you are considering doing. For me, this was a great experience.

- JC, Google Review


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