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Allergies in Houston

Conditions we treat

Allergies in Houston

Houston-area allergens and how to deal with them

If you live in the Houston area and have ever been asked, “Is it allergy season in Texas?” then the chances are high that you probably laughed out loud. We love this city, but the allergies in Houston can be relentless. The better question might be: When isn’t it allergy season in Houston?

Our warm climate (while perfect for those who enjoy long summers and light winters) is also a perfect climate for chronic allergies. That being said, there’s no reason Houstonians should suffer from chronic or seasonal allergies.

Combat your allergies in Houston by learning more about what causes them, when they’re at their strongest, and what resources you have for finding relief.

Allergies in Houston

The top allergens in Houston — tree and grass pollen and mold — are also part of the 5 most common allergies in the United States. They can cause symptoms that vary from itchy eyes and coughing to a runny nose and congestion. (Read our blog to find more info on congestion and nausea.)

The following are Houston’s top allergy-causing plants and conditions, along with their peak seasons. Next time you’re wondering about what allergies are in the air, reference this chart.

Houston Allergies

Staying on top of bad allergies in Houston

There are many things you can do to combat your Houston allergy symptoms and causes.

  • Clean areas of your home that accrue dust and dander. What are dust and dander? Tiny particles of matter from the environment and from the skin and fur of animals.
    • Vacuum and wash dust-collecting blinds, carpet, bedding, and curtains
    • Keep mold-collecting areas such as bathrooms and kitchens clean and dry
    • Wash and brush your pets regularly
  • Keep an eye on the sinus forecast in Houston. Up your proactive measures when the allergy and mold count is especially high.
  • Take extra care during transitional periods in weather, which are typically accompanied by fluctuations in barometric pressure. Changes in the barometric pressure and allergies simultaneously can exacerbate your allergy symptoms (sinus headaches especially).
  • Try OTC allergy medications. These medications may provide some relief from allergy-related symptoms. For temporary relief, you can also try eating foods that clear sinuses.
  • Go to your ENT and get tested to discover exactly what you’re allergic to.
  • Consider more permanent allergy treatments, including allergy shots and balloon sinuplasty in Houston.

Need help with your allergies in Houston? Visit Kaplan Sinus Relief.

If standard allergy treatments aren’t fully addressing your allergy symptoms, Kaplan Sinus Relief is here to help. Dr. Kaplan and his experienced staff offer excellent allergy testing, as well as rhinitis and sinusitis treatments. These treatments include balloon sinuplasty for allergies, a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that can provide immense allergy symptom relief in 20 minutes or less.

Call us today at 713-766-1818 or schedule your appointment online to get one step closer to breathing easier.


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