Conditions we treat

Sinus Headaches

Conditions we treat

Sinus Headaches

Treating Sinus Headaches

One of the most common and unpleasant pains associated with Sinusitis is a sinus headache.

When infected sinuses become inflamed, swelling and mucus production follow, blocking channels and increasing pressure around your head. The resulting headache can be uniquely uncomfortable, with pain that radiates into the cheeks, forehead, and nose. The pain only worsens with motion.

Discover relief through balloon sinuplasty

If you suffer from chronic sinus headaches, non-invasive Balloon Sinuplasty could be your best option for lasting relief. Dr. Kaplan is one of Houston’s premier providers of this innovative procedure, and can deliver you lasting relief in just 21 minutes!

Balloon sinuplasty is a unique procedure involving no incisions or bone/tissue removal. We simply insert and partially inflate a small balloon in your sinuses, causing the blocked passages to open back up for proper drainage. With your sinuses functioning properly, the pressure causing your sinus headaches will disappear entirely!

Learn more about balloon sinuplasty for sinus headaches and balloon sinuplasty in Houston!

Precision testing by Dr. Kaplan

Approximately 90 percent of people who visit a doctor for sinus headaches are actually suffering from migraines. To ensure that you’re receiving only the most appropriate treatment, Dr. Kaplan takes time to listen, ask questions, and consider all possible causes of your discomfort.

With over two decades of experience treating sinus headaches, you can trust Dr. Kaplan to make an accurate diagnosis and find the perfect solution.


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