Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty Reviews & IV Sedation

May 1, 2018

3 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

With all the positive balloon sinuplasty reviews, it’s easily the most popular procedure at Kaplan Sinus Relief. That said, the fact that balloon sinuplasty is a surgical procedure can make even the most stalwart among us a little nervous. We understand that suffering through recurring sinus infections is no fun and wariness of balloon sinuplasty or traditional sinus surgery is also natural.

Having kept your concerns in mind, we are thrilled to announce that we now offer balloon sinuplasty with IV sedation, a type of sedation that leaves you in a relaxed, sleep-like state.

If this sounds like the right solution for you, check out the most recent of our balloon sinuplasty reviews—a balloon sinuplasty testimonial featuring IV sedation—and read on to learn more about why the number of balloon sinuplasty reviews that mention IV sedation are overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Is balloon sinuplasty safe?

Yes! Balloon sinuplasty is safe, and it is a much less invasive procedure than traditional sinus surgery. That’s not just our word, it’s a common thread in our balloon sinuplasty reviews. Balloon sinuplasty does not involve cutting of the nasal bone nor nasal tissue. What’s more, the balloon sinuplasty recovery time is much quicker than traditional sinus surgeries as well.

The recovery process for balloon sinuplasty is also typically quite painless. Most patients can return to work after 24 hours. Check out our post on what to expect after balloon sinuplasty if you have more questions about the post-procedure experience.

Will I be awake during balloon sinuplasty with IV sedation?

This is the “magic” behind the IV sedation balloon sinuplasty reviews! IV sedation places you into a sleep-like state, sometimes referred to as “twilight dentistry,” during which you will remain conscious but not feel pain. This makes IV sedation different than general anesthetics, which tends to knock you out.

However, you do “wake up” from the procedure in the sense that after the sedative wears off you may not remember anything about your surgery.

What is involved in balloon sinuplasty?

After your IV sedation makes you sufficiently relaxed, your doctor will insert an endoscope (a small plastic tube equipped with a light and camera) into your nasal passage. Next, a small balloon catheter will also be inserted into the nasal cavity, which is then inflated to expand your sinuses. Once the balloon is removed, the doctor will flush the nasal cavity with saline solution, and your sinuses will be open.

How long do the effects of balloon sinuplasty last?

Balloon sinuplasty has long-lasting effects. Most importantly, this is according to our patient balloon sinuplasty reviews—years of relief. While the duration of effects is still being tested, it’s been established that most patients report no relapse in symptoms two years after their procedure. This is a vast improvement on how long the effects of traditional sinus surgeries last.

Breathe easy with balloon sinuplasty & IV sedation

Whether you’re wary of surgical procedures or you just want balloon sinuplasty to help with your sinusitis nausea or deviated septum, Kaplan Sinus Relief wants you to have sinus relief without fear.

Nobody wants their life clogged up by sinus problems. Don’t take our word for it, see the balloon sinuplasty reviews from clients like you. Schedule a consultation today and never worry about your sinuses again.

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