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Sinus Infection Odor: When Sinusitis Raises a Stink

May 24, 2019

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Sinus infection odors — specifically, bad smells that emanate from your nose and nostrils — can be one of the many joys of sinusitis. However, it’s a symptom that not many patients associate with sinus infections, and as a result, it can go overlooked until other symptoms worsen.  

So, why do your sinuses smell so bad during a sinus infection? And how do you get rid of that smelly mucus? Let’s find out.

Why do my nostrils smell bad?

If you haven’t been feeling well and find yourself suddenly thinking, “Oh man, the inside of my nose smells bad,” it’s time to do a little investigating.

A bacterial sinus infection may be behind why the inside of your nose smells rotten, or why you might notice smells when blowing your nose. When healthy, your sinuses are naturally able to drain mucus (which has filtered germs and dirt from the air). During a sinus infection, however, your sinuses become swollen and potentially congested. This can trap mucus and all that it has filtered from the air, which can, in turn, lead to some rather unpleasant odors.

The fluid that builds up in nasal polyps has also been known to cause bad nasal smells, as does the mucus that accumulates at the back of the throat during postnasal drip. (Note: postnasal drip is also a major link between sinus infections and nausea.)

How to get rid of sinus infection odors

The best way to get rid of sinus infection odors is to seek sinus infection treatment. For some, over-the-counter medications and rest are enough treatment to do the trick. And we also recommend checking out our list of the best foods for sinus infection treatment.

But for those suffering from frequent or chronic sinus infections, it may be best to seek additional medical treatment. One of the most minimally invasive treatments available for chronic sinusitis is balloon sinuplasty, which is an in-office procedure that provides long-lasting sinusitis relief.

Tell sinus infection odors, “Smell ya later!” with balloon sinuplasty

Dr. Kaplan of Kaplan Sinus Relief is a pioneer of the balloon sinuplasty procedure in Houston. His practice is currently the only private practice in the nation using TGS navigation, the state-of-the-art technology that uses augmented reality to make procedures — including balloon sinuplasty — safer and more accurate.

Kaplan Sinus Relief also offers patients with anxiety around procedures the option to have balloon sinuplasty with IV sedation.  

Don’t let your sinus infection and sinus infection odors fester and become an untreated sinus infection. Join the thousands of patients that Dr. Kaplan and the staff at Kaplan Sinus Relief have helped to breathe easier again.

To learn more about what to expect after balloon sinuplasty, call our offices at 713-766-1818 or request an appointment online today.

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