Sinus Headaches

Top 10 Chronic Sinus Headache Symptoms

March 28, 2016

2 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

The top 10 symptoms of a chronic sinus headache:

Are you suffering chronic sinus headaches? The dreaded pain and pressure can drag your productivity and happiness. Take a step toward fighting back: learn the top 10 chronic sinus headaches symptoms so you can recognize sinus headaches earlier.

  1. Pain – The pain is in your forehead, the bridge of your nose or in your upper cheeks. It feels deep and achy, not sharp. It gets worse when you lower your head or move it quickly. The mucus stays in the sinuses during the night when you’re lying down, so the pain is worse in the mornings.
  2. Pressure – One of the telltale chronic sinus headache symptoms. It feels like someone is pushing on your face. Both the pressure and the pain are the result of the buildup of mucus in your sinus.
  3. Tiredness – Whether the cause is an infection or allergies, most people feel blah with no energy.
  4. Head congestion – Your nose may be stuffy or may run constantly. And The inside of your nose will also be swollen and irritated.
  5. Postnasal drip – You will have an irritating drainage down the back of your throat.
  6. Frequent cough – That postnasal drainage can cause a cough that is worse in the morning and may wake you up from sleep.
  7. Sore throat – Among the more annoying chronic sinus headache symptoms. The postnasal drip can cause a very sore throat and it can be hard to swallow.
  8. Facial tenderness – The skin and bone over the affected sinus sometimes hurts to touch.
  9. Jaw and tooth pain – The roots of the teeth are very close to the sinuses. It can be hard to tell where the pain is coming from. In fact dental infections sometimes spread into the sinuses.
  10. Generalized malaise – This is a sense of just not feeling well with possible muscle aches, sleepiness and fatigue.

It can be hard to tell the difference between a sinus headache and a migraine headache. When the sinus is infected, you may also have fever and the pain may be severe. If you start having facial pain, especially during or after you have allergies or a cold, you need to see your doctor. It could be an infection. Your doctor needs to evaluate your sinus headache in order to treat it. Don’t suffer. Go get help.


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