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Chronic Cough

Conditions we treat

Chronic Cough

Kaplan Sinus Relief offers chronic cough treatment

Coughing is a natural part of life — a chronic, persistent cough, however, is not. Chronic coughing can be a debilitating problem, making it difficult to breathe and leading to fatigue. Not to mention the disturbance it can cause in your day-to-day life and quality of sleep. 

You may experience coughing as a result of allergies, asthma, a sinus infection, an upper respiratory tract infection, post-nasal drip, or acid reflux. But what if your cough becomes a chronic, persistent cough that doesn’t go away?

That’s when it’s time to schedule an appointment at Kaplan Sinus Relief to talk about chronic cough treatment options including balloon sinuplasty. Our sinus specialists will work with you to identify the root cause of your chronic cough and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that’s right for you. 

Hear what one of our patients has to say about balloon sinuplasty for chronic cough!

What is a chronic cough?

A chronic cough is a persistent coughing that lasts around eight weeks or longer. This type of cough can be dry, with no mucus (phlegm), or it could be a productive cough, in which you’re coughing up phlegm. A chronic dry cough may feel like something is constantly stuck in your throat whereas a productive cough may be accompanied by chest congestion. 

It’s important to know the difference between symptoms of a chronic dry cough and a chronic cough with phlegm, as they can indicate different underlying causes. Consulting with one of our specialists at Kaplan Sinus Relief will help you to identify the cause of your chronic coughing and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Chronic cough symptoms

Identifying chronic cough causes and treatment can be tricky because the symptoms can vary. Common chronic coughing symptoms include:

  • Coughing that persists for eight weeks or longer
  • A dry cough with no mucus (phlegm)
  • A productive cough with mucus (phlegm)
  • Postnasal drip, identified as the feeling of liquid running down the back of your throat (learn more about severe post nasal drip cough
  • Chest congestion
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Sore, itchy throat

If left unidentified and untreated, a chronic and persistent cough can escalate to the following symptoms: 

  • Sleep loss
  • Night sweats
  • Incontinence
  • Anxiety 
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain 
  • Fever
  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Fractured ribs (in extreme cases) 
  • Coughing up blood (in extreme cases) 

The good news? Chronic coughing can usually be managed through an appropriate treatment plan. Schedule an appointment at Kaplan Sinus Relief to get a diagnosis and determine the best course of action for chronic cough treatment. 

Chronic cough causes: Why do I have a chronic cough all the time?

There are many potential causes of a chronic cough, some of which can be hard to identify on your own. Common chronic coughing causes include:

  • Allergies (allergic rhinitis)
  • Asthma
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Tuberculosis
  • Heart failure
  • Drugs/medications
  • Whooping cough (pertussis)
  • Respiratory infections (viral, bacterial, and fungal infections) and frequent sinus infections (learn more about sinus infection symptoms)
  • Acid reflux
  • Postnasal drip

If you’re experiencing a persistent cough that just won’t go away, it’s important to consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and chronic cough treatment plan. If left untreated, chronic coughing can lead to more serious complications, such as the ones mentioned above, and the underlying condition will only worsen. 

Chronic cough treatment: Is chronic cough curable? 

Fortunately, when the underlying condition that is causing your chronic cough is treated, any coughing symptoms you’ve been experiencing should subside.

So, how do I stop my chronic cough? The type of treatment you’ll need will depend on the cause of your chronic cough as well as its severity. Some chronic coughing treatments may include medications, lifestyle modifications, or surgery.

Here are several treatment options for some of the common causes of chronic cough:

  • Asthma: For chronic cough treatment, inhalers and steroids may be used to soothe irritation and inflammation of the airways, making it easier to breathe.
  • GERD (acid reflux): Those with a chronic cough caused by GERD should avoid acidic foods, lying down directly after eating, and overeating. There are many over-the-counter (OTC) medications that are effective at treating GERD. 
  • Bacterial infections and viral infections: Your doctor may need to examine your mucus to determine the best course of action. Depending on the infection, your doctor may or may not prescribe you antibiotics. For others, you may simply need bed rest, pain relievers, and to drink enough water.
  • Allergies and sinusitis: Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat a chronic cough caused by sinusitis. If you have chronic sinusitis and chronic cough, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor about more long-term sinusitis treatment including balloon sinuplasty.
  • Postnasal drip: OTC decongestants and antihistamines, inhalers, and steroids are the go-to remedies for a chronic cough caused by postnasal drip.
  • Smoking: Smoking is the most common cause of chronic cough. Talk to your doctor about which treatment options might work best for you to quit smoking.
  • Some medications: If your medications are causing you to have a chronic cough, talk to your doctor about other medication choices. Do not stop taking your medications without first consulting your doctor. 

Stop your chronic cough with balloon sinuplasty from Kaplan Sinus Relief

When it comes to chronic cough treatment, many patients opt for non-surgical treatments like medications and lifestyle modifications first. But if these are ineffective, balloon sinuplasty could provide long-term relief from chronic coughing symptoms.

At Kaplan Sinus Relief, we utilize balloon sinuplasty to treat chronic coughing due to sinus, nasal, or post-nasal drip issues. Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure during which a small balloon is inserted into your blocked or narrowed sinus passages. The balloon is then gently inflated, widening the opening and allowing for improved drainage. This procedure not only relieves sinus pressure and chronic coughing but also offers long-term relief from your symptoms.

Let Dr. Kaplan, the pioneer of balloon sinuplasty in Houston, and his team assess your sinus issues and help stop your chronic, persistent cough. Schedule an appointment at Kaplan Sinus Relief today!


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