Balloon sinuplasty for chronic cough treatment

If you have a persistent, chronic cough that won’t go away, sinusitis and post-nasal drip could be to blame. Minimally invasive balloon sinuplasty in Houston is an effective sinusitis treatment that can relieve your chronic cough in as little as 20 minutes with no incisions or tissue removal.

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How sinus infections can cause chronic cough

When the sinuses are infected or inflamed, it can cause an increase in mucus production. This mucus is thicker than usual, and may not be able to drain properly if you are also suffering from congestion. Normally, we do not notice when mucus drains down the back of our throat — this drainage is actually a normal process through which your body flushes away irritants caught in your mucus — but when there is more mucus and it is thicker in consistency, we feel it.

Excess, thickened mucus draining down the back of your throat is a condition called post-nasal drip, and it is what induces you to cough. Clearing your throat and blowing your nose will not stop the inflamed or infected sinuses from producing more mucus, leading to the seemingly endless cycle of chronic cough. An untreated chronic cough can escalate to include more serious symptoms including fatigue due to coughing during the night, muscle aches, painful headaches or dizziness, and more.


Cut chronic cough off at the source with balloon sinuplasty

If frequent sinus issues like congestion and infections are causing your chronic cough, Dr. Michael Kaplan, MD of Kaplan Sinus Relief may be able to help. Dr. Kaplan is a pioneer of balloon sinuplasty in Houston, a simple three-step procedure that can help reduce your body’s susceptibility to sinus infections and the resultant chronic cough.

In this procedure, Dr. Kaplan locates your blocked sinus area using low-radiation imaging. Once located, Dr. Kaplan gently inflates a small balloon in the affected sinus cavity, causing the blocked passages to open back up for proper drainage. The process is minimally invasive and can be performed 100% in-office in as few as 20 minutes.


Locate Blocked Sinus Pathway

Dr. Kaplan locates the affected sinus area(s).

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When sick with sinusitis, your body creates excess mucus that drains down back of your throat and causes you to cough.


Insert + Inflate Balloon

Dr. Kaplan gently positions, inserts, and inflates the small balloon to reshape the sinus.

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A small endoscopic balloon widens the affected sinus area, restoring drainage through the nose.


Drainage Restored

The balloon is carefully removed from the reshaped sinus area and proper drainage is restored.

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A saline solution flushes the remaining buildup, providing relief from chronic cough.

Can Balloon Sinuplasty give you relief?

If you're wondering how to find lasting relief from sinus symptoms, take our quiz to see if balloon sinuplasty is your answer. A few simple questions could put you on your path to better breathing.

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How Kaplan Sinus Relief delivers Houston’s best chronic cough treatment

As the pioneer of balloon sinuplasty for chronic cough in Houston, Dr. Kaplan offers several innovations to ensure your balloon sinuplasty experience is as safe, effective, and relaxing as possible.


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