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Why Patients Say Dr. Kaplan is the Best Sinus Doctor in Houston

January 4, 2024

7 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

If you are having issues with your sinuses, you shouldn’t put your care into the hands of just any sinus doctor. According to his patients, Dr. Michael Kaplan, the founding sinus specialist of Kaplan Sinus Relief, is the best sinus doctor Houston has to offer due to his incredible bedside manner, unmatched expertise, and ability to help patients live a better quality of life.

As the pioneer of balloon sinuplasty in Houston, Dr. Kaplan wanted to offer the patients of Houston a minimally invasive and virtually painless procedure that would deliver long-lasting relief to common sinus conditions such as chronic cough, allergies, and sinus infections. He has helped thousands of Houstonians breathe better and find the relief they’ve been searching for with balloon sinuplasty as well as other treatment methods.

“Dr. Kaplan tops the charts with his care, kindness, work ethic, knowledge, and surgical skills! Changed my life in less than 1 week!”

Randy V. | Verified Patient

If you are struggling with sinus symptoms and want top-tier care from a renowned sinus doctor in Houston, call (713) 766-1818 or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Kaplan today. Through written and video testimonials, we will share why patients say Dr. Kaplan is the best sinus surgeon who has offered them the help they need. You can watch all of our video testimonials and read written patient testimonials here!

1. Dr. Kaplan has an amazing bedside manner

One of the most common praises that patients sing about Dr. Kaplan is his incredible bedside manner. Oftentimes, patients feel that doctors don’t take the time to properly listen to them or brush their sinus symptoms under the rug. Not addressing a patient’s needs properly is a sign of a bad sinus doctor. This would never happen if you saw Dr. Kaplan. He understands that each and every patient is here to find relief and goes above and beyond to ensure that his patients are heard and cared for. 

“Dr. Kaplan is a great physician. He always takes his time and never makes me feel rushed. Answers questions thoroughly. His medical care and bedside manner happen to also be excellent!”

Linda R. | Verified Patient

Patients who choose balloon sinuplasty as their sinus treatment option have noted how attentive Dr. Kaplan was before, during, and after their procedure. He was always there to answer any questions they had and even called to check on them a few days after their procedure to ensure that recovery was going smoothly.

“Dr. Kaplan is not only knowledgeable, he has an excellent bedside manner. He is very welcoming and extremely accommodating. He truly cares about his patients and makes himself accessible if needed. Dr. Kaplan’s staff is also wonderful. The procedure was quick and painless. I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan. I am so happy to breathe again.”

Melissa S. | Verified Patient

Because of his dedication to providing exceptional patient care, many of his patients have gone on to refer him to their loved ones. Hear from a real patient how Dr. Kaplan not only provided long-term relief from chronic sinus problems but also how his compassionate care made her feel like herself again.

2. Dr. Kaplan cares about his patients’ comfort

Not only is Dr. Kaplan committed to providing excellent bedside manners to his patients, but he also prioritizes their comfort before, during, and after their procedure. This is another reason why patients say he is the best sinus surgeon they have encountered. Although a procedure like balloon sinuplasty is virtually painless, some patients still feel nervous or uneasy about having any type of medical surgery. 

Because of this, Dr. Kaplan offers IV sedation to his patients to ensure that they feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire process. Hear from a real balloon sinuplasty patient who says IV sedation helped make the procedure “a piece of cake.”

Regardless of what procedure or treatment you opt for, Dr. Kaplan and his staff will do whatever they can to ensure that you feel as comfortable, relaxed, and confident as possible throughout the entire process. 

“Dr. Kaplan is a very caring and knowledgeable ENT physician. He was recommended to me by another reputable doctor as one of the best. He explained in very clear language the procedure he was going to perform. He and his staff did a great job at making me feel comfortable and confident that I was in very good hands.”

Christian M. | Verified Patient 

3. Dr. Kaplan provides long-term relief for sinus symptoms

When dealing with pesky sinus infections, chronic allergy symptoms, a chronic cough, or other sinus issues, it can feel like there is no end in sight. When over-the-counter medications, at-home remedies, or general practitioners let you down, it’s time to turn to a sinus specialist for help. Dr. Kaplan has been able to help countless patients restore their breathing and enhance their quality of life through balloon sinuplasty’s long-term results. 

“Dr. Kaplan changed my quality of life. I arrived at his office a complete mess with my sinuses completely blocked. After a diagnostic scan, he explained how he could help me. I was back the next day getting the procedure done. After a few weeks, I am now breathing correctly through my nose for the first time since I can remember. Remarkable! The staff are superb and Dr. Kaplan is awesome. Super gentle and friendly guy.”

Jim R. | Verified Patient

This patient’s sinus problems kept him from enjoying his work, family, and hobbies. When other sinus doctors and medications failed to help him find lasting relief, Dr. Kaplan was able to help him breathe normally without any medication. 

This patient had been struggling with a chronic cough for years! After researching chronic cough treatment options and choosing balloon sinuplasty, her persistent cough is gone. Hear more about her story.

For lasting sinus relief, make your appointment with Dr. Kaplan at Kaplan Sinus Relief today!

Some people may just know Dr. Kaplan as “that sinus doctor on TV,” but to his patients, Dr. Kaplan is the best sinus doctor in Houston who helped them find lasting relief for their sinus problems. Hear from a patient who experienced a quality of life change now that he can breathe properly. 

As a sinus specialist, Dr. Kaplan knows how to go the extra mile for his patients so that they leave this practice feeling their best. If you are dealing with chronic cough or allergies, nasal polyps, or other persistent sinus problems, contact us today to see if you are a candidate for balloon sinuplasty. Regardless of your sinus symptoms, Dr. Kaplan and his staff can find a treatment option for you to restore your breathing properly.

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