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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Those Nasal Allergy Symptoms

October 18, 2016

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Nasal congestion and allergies often go hand in hand. Combined, they can make anyone’s life miserable. The stuffy nose and full head are symptoms of such congestion, and it can take away your ability to perform every day tasks. Allergies often bring about nasal congestion, and they can lead to other sinus problems.

Taking Your Symptoms Seriously

Allergy symptoms are bad enough, but they can often complicate other conditions. When your nasal passage is congested from allergies, sinuses get blocked by inflamed tissues. When sinuses can’t drain, they trap mucus and air inside, which leads to pain, pressure, and possible infections.

Allergy symptoms are serious, but many people push them aside. When you deal with allergies, it is simply something you have to put up with and not something you can do much about. But allergy symptoms are more serious than you might realize.

Not only does the blocked nasal passage make you miserable when you are awake, it can lead to chronic sinus problems and mouth breathing, which often disturbs your sleep.

When you are not getting enough sleep, you are fatigued during the day and your immune system is lower, leaving you open to other viruses.

When allergies are at their worst, most people grab over-the-counter medications in order to help alleviate the symptoms. While these medications might take the pressure off for a bit, those with allergies are not addressing the major issue at hand.

Over-the-counter medicine can make you feel better for the time being, and are a great temporary solution. But the truth is, allergies can make a huge impact on your life, and it is a better idea to get a proper medical evaluation.

Over-the-Counter Relief

When you go to the drugstore, there are a number of things that can help. Here are a few options that can help you get by until you can see your doctor for more long-term help.

Nasal Sprays

Steroid nasal sprays reduce the swelling in the nasal passages typically generated by nasal allergies. They are effective and easy to use. Nasal sprays are available by prescription, but there are also several available over the counter.


These medications work by blocking the compound that causes your allergy symptoms. They can help relieve itching, sneezing, and nasal congestion.


Instead of controlling the allergy symptoms, these medications help you get rid of the congestion by reducing the swelling in your nasal passages.

Seeking Real Help

When you are really miserable, over-the-counter medications can help you get through the day. But you need to decide if that’s the way you want to live or if you want to try to find a solution that is more permanent.

Visiting with an ENT specialist can help you figure out the cause of your allergies. Some allergens are items you can avoid to help you forego nasal congestion.

Other allergens are in the air you breathe and there’s not much you can do to avoid them. But an ENT doctor might have other solutions to help you, like shots and prescription medications.

If you’re suffering from persistent nasal congestion and have tried over-the-counter medications with no relief, contact Kaplan Sinus Relief to learn about a Balloon Sinuplasty procedure that can provide lasting relief.


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