Balloon Sinuplasty

Does Balloon Sinus Dilation Work?

December 21, 2023

7 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

If you’re struggling with chronic sinus problems and pesky symptoms, you may be considering sinus surgery to find long-term relief. Throughout your research, you may have stumbled across a procedure that seems almost too good to be true, leading you to ask yourself the following questions: Does balloon sinus dilation work? Is sinus balloon surgery worth it? Not only do we have the answers, but we also have testimonials from real people who have received balloon sinus dilation!

Balloon sinus dilation, better known as balloon sinuplasty, is our bread-and-butter sinus procedure here at Kaplan Sinus Relief. Michael Kaplan, M.D., pioneered the procedure here in Houston and has treated hundreds of patients seeking lasting relief from their sinus problems. 

Let’s hear from some real-life patients who have undergone our sinus balloon procedure and see how it impacted their lives. 

Balloon sinus dilation can stop suffering caused by chronic sinus problems

Those who suffer from chronic sinus issues understand firsthand how inconvenient and unpleasant living with chronic sinusitis can be. The constant runny nose, the coughing, the congestion…it can make daily life all the more difficult. When over-the-counter medications and traditional sinus surgeries let you down, it can seem like all hope is lost. But we are here to assure you that it isn’t.

David came to Kaplan Sinus Relief in search of something that would help him. After unsuccessful deviated septum and sleep apnea surgeries that he thought would help, David was ready to give up — until he heard about balloon sinus dilation. Balloon sinuplasty was able to give him the relief he was searching for and now he can live his life without constantly having to worry about recurring sinus problems.

Balloon sinus dilation provides lasting relief from sinus symptoms  

A big problem with over-the-counter medications and at-home sinus remedies is that they produce temporary results for relief. If you struggle with chronic sinus problems, you need a solution that will last, not give you false hope. 

This patient dealt with snoring, constant nasal drip, inner ear problems, and a stuffy nose since he was a child. After years of using nasal sprays, medications, and other products that could not relieve him of his symptoms, he turned to balloon sinus dilation and received life-changing results.

Balloon sinus dilation can improve your quality of life long-term 

Sinus problems can impact your work life, your social life, and your family life in a negative way. The constant feelings of fatigue and pain can turn even the most enjoyable moments into misery. One of the main reasons to get balloon sinuplasty is to improve your breathing, and in turn, improve your quality of life overall. Not having to worry about sinus issues can eliminate feelings of stress and isolation. 

Do you feel like your sinus problems consume your life? This patient felt the same. After being referred to Dr. Kaplan for balloon sinus dilation, she felt like a new person who didn’t have to hide away due to her painful sinus symptoms. Take back your life with balloon sinuplasty.

Frequently asked questions about balloon sinus dilation 

Aside from “Does balloon sinus dilation work?” — judging by patient testimonials, yes it does — there are other questions that many patients ask before deciding that balloon sinus dilation is the right direction for their health.

Q: How does balloon sinus dilation work?

After a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure, Dr. Kaplan will explain how the procedure works. Although it is not necessary, you can opt to have IV sedation to make you more relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. 

  • Step 1: Dr. Kaplan will locate the affected sinus area and blocked pathways using Stryker’s new augmented reality navigation Target Guided Surgery TGS system.
  • Step 2: He then gently inserts a balloon in the nose and inflates it, reshaping the sinus pathway.
  • Step 3: He will carefully deflate and remove the balloon from your sinuses, restoring proper drainage.

It’s that simple. The entire procedure takes around 20 minutes to complete. If it takes around 20 minutes to run an errand or get a coffee, imagine having better breathing in that same amount of time!

Q: What is the success rate of balloon sinuplasty?

This surgery sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you will be pleased to know that on top of its simplicity, balloon sinus dilation has a high success rate! According to research, the balloon sinuplasty success rate is around 95-99%! This rate is higher than traditional sinus surgeries and offers far more benefits, so it’s really a win-win scenario! You can feel comfortable and confident knowing that better breathing is possible with balloon sinuplasty.

Q: How long does balloon sinus dilation last?

Most patients experience the lasting effects of balloon sinuplasty throughout the following year but it can vary by patient depending on their unique circumstances! We cannot say for certain that the results are permanent, but many people do say that their sinus problems significantly improve after getting this procedure. However, we can confidently say that, unlike traditional surgeries, balloon sinus dilation has a low rate of revision so it is very likely that you will only need to have this procedure performed once. 

Q: How safe is balloon sinus dilation?

Balloon sinus dilation is a safer, more effective, and less painful alternative to endoscopic sinus surgeries. The groundbreaking technology that we use at Kaplan Sinus Relief allows the procedure to be done with more accuracy and safety. Also, recovery from balloon sinuplasty is shorter than the average recovery from sinus surgery! You should be back to your normal activities and experiencing improved breathing within 1–2 days.

Q: Is balloon sinus dilation painful?

Not at all! Because this minimally invasive procedure does not involve any cutting, balloon sinus dilation is virtually pain-free! As mentioned earlier, if you are anxious before your surgery, we do offer IV sedation to help calm your nerves and improve your comfort. 

Does balloon sinus dilation work? See for yourself with the help of Kaplan Sinus Relief!

So, does balloon sinus dilation work? According to many of our patients, yes it does! We can confidently say that with balloon sinus dilation, Dr. Kaplan has helped a plethora of Houstonians get the relief they deserve from pesky sinus problems. As a long-lasting and safer alternative to traditional sinus surgeries, relief is possible with this minimally invasive and virtually painless procedure. 

If you have any questions about balloon sinuplasty or how it can help you, give us a call at (713) 766-1818 or read up on all that balloon sinuplasty in Houston has to offer. Schedule an appointment with Kaplan Sinus Relief today to see if you are a good candidate for balloon sinus dilation and experience better breathing and better results!

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