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How to Know If You Have a Sinus Headache

September 21, 2016

3 minutes

Many people will often get confused as to whether they have a sinus headache or just a migraine. Headaches due to sinus problems are less common and often go misdiagnosed. If you think you have a headache related to your sinuses, then it is important that it gets the proper treatment.

Symptoms of a Sinus Headache

Forehead Pain: There might be pain in your forehead or in the top of your nose and upper cheek area. The pain might feel achier and deep, not sharp.
Pressure: With the buildup of mucus in your sinuses, you might feel pressure in your nose and face.
Fatigue: Most people will feel very tired when they have a headache cause by their sinuses.
Postnasal Drip: Postnasal drainage will drip down the back of your throat. This might cause coughing and can give you a sore throat that could be worse after lying down for extended periods of time.
Tooth and Jaw Pain: The roots of your teeth are located very close to your sinuses. In some cases, sinus problems might come from dental infections spreading to them.
Tenderness: For some sufferers, there might be increased tenderness in the skin and bones around the affected sinuses.

How to Treat a Headache Caused by Sinuses

Most people know exactly what to do to treat a regular headache. Treating a headache caused by sinus pain, however, is a little different and can be quite painful because of it being caused by inflammation and blockage in your sinuses.

While antibiotics could be required, most of the time the headache can be treated by yourself at home. Below are some ways to treat yourself at home.

Clear Out Your Sinuses: One of the main causes of the headache is trapped mucus. Sometimes relief can come from just clearing out the sinuses. This can be done through the use of over-the-counter medicines for mucus relief, or by using a Neti Pot and flushing the sinuses out with a nasal rinse.
Reduce the Inflammation: Pain relief can also come from reducing the inflammation caused by your sinuses. An ice pack placed around your eyes and nose could help give you the relief you need.
Stay Hydrated: No matter what you might be fighting off when you don’t feel good, it is always a good idea to stay hydrated. Water can also help keep your mucus thin and easier to cough up.

While there is not always an immediate way to get relief from sinus pain or a sinus headache, taking some of the above treatment recommendations might help it pass faster. If it doesn’t clear up on its own or lingers for weeks, it could be time for a trip to your doctor for some antibiotics for treatment.


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