Most Common Reasons for Snoring

September 21, 2023

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Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

There’s nothing quite like being woken up by an ominous rumbling sound at night, only to realize in frustration that it’s the person asleep next to you. If you have been kept up at night by someone who snores, we’re sorry, but you should know that you’re not alone. 

Although it’s a common problem that many people face, snoring isn’t just an annoyance; chronic snoring can be a sign of many health problems that need to be addressed. Some of the most common reasons for snoring are respiratory illness, allergies, the anatomy of your mouth, sinus issues, and many other conditions that will need treatment to be addressed, and won’t go away on their own.  

Snoring most commonly affects adults, but anyone can develop a snoring disorder at any point in their life. If you want to know more about the common reasons for snoring and what you can do to put a stop to it, we suggest you keep reading. 

5 common reasons for snoring

When we breathe, we push air out of our nose, mouth, and throat. If any of those airways become blocked — due to some of the conditions we list below — the airway’s tissues may vibrate against each other resulting in the rumbling, snorting, or chainsaw-esque sounds that are produced when a person snores. 

Here are a few common reasons for snoring:

1. Respiratory illness

Respiratory illnesses are any conditions having to do with breathing that affect the sinuses, lungs, throat, or other airways. If you’re suffering from a sinus infection, nasal congestion*, the cold or flu, or any other illness that can block your nose’s airways, you may experience snoring. 

When your nose is stuffy or blocked, your body forces you to breathe through your mouth, narrowing the airways in the back of your throat, causing those vibrations to occur. It’s perfectly normal to snore when dealing with a respiratory illness, but if these conditions are constant (such as chronic sinusitis) you may want to speak to a sinus specialist to help alleviate your symptoms and stop your snoring. 

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2. Sleep apnea 

What causes loud snoring? Sleep apnea is one culprit. Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that causes your breathing to start and stop repeatedly as you sleep. If you tend to snore loudly, you could be struggling with sleep apnea. The most common type of sleep apnea associated with snoring is obstructive sleep apnea, where the muscles in the back of your throat relax, causing your breathing airways to narrow. Because you’re having difficulty breathing, you may make snorting or choking sounds as you sleep. Untreated sleep apnea can be dangerous and should be treated by a professional.  

3. Allergies

Your sleep environment is meant to be a calming and soothing place for you to relax in order to get quality sleep. However, if your room or mattress is trapping allergens such as dirt, dust, or pet dander, the airways in your nose can become blocked and you can start to snore. Take stock of the surrounding environment to see if you can identify any factor that might cause an allergic reaction and try to get rid of it. If that doesn’t work, or if you suffer from chronic allergies, speak to a specialist about long-term solutions for allergy relief. 

4. The anatomy of your nose or mouth

Unfortunately, the anatomy of some individuals’ mouths or noses can encourage snoring more than others. For example, if you have a deviated septum, enlarged adenoids, a larger tongue, or a low, thick soft palate, you are more likely to snore than someone who doesn’t due to your naturally narrowed airways. The good news is that many of these attributes can be fixed, and better breathing can be restored, by the right sinus specialist.   

5. Having excess weight on your body

Those who carry excess weight on their body are more susceptible to snoring. This can be caused by fat accumulating in the neck, which compresses the upper airways in the throat when lying horizontal. Overall, breathing is more difficult for those with obesity, especially when sleeping, making snoring a likely occurrence. 

When should I be concerned about snoring?

Snoring is not inherently a dangerous condition and is harmless in most scenarios. However, if your snoring is loud, constant, or is caused by one of the reasons for snoring listed above, it would be wise to seek medical attention. 

Snoring caused by conditions like sleep apnea or respiratory illnesses can be dangerous if left untreated, and will cause your sleep quality to plummet, wreaking havoc on your daily life. Finding a sinus specialist who can help you come up with a treatment plan that works for you is a great first step in stopping your snoring.

How can I stop snoring?

The best way to stop snoring is to see a sinus specialist who can provide a treatment that will deliver lasting results, not just temporary relief. Dr. Michael Kaplan, the founder of Kaplan Sinus Relief, is a Houston sinus specialist who provides sinus snoring treatment in the form of balloon sinuplasty. Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive and virtually painless in-office procedure that only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Does balloon sinuplasty help with snoring? Absolutely! Dr. Kaplan will insert a small balloon into your blocked sinus cavities and then inflate the balloon, opening your airways and allowing airflow to be restored. With your sinuses cleared, you can resume normal nighttime breathing and your snoring will be reduced if not completely eliminated. 

Find relief from common reasons for snoring with Kaplan Sinus Relief

There can be many different reasons for snoring, some more minor than others, but if your snoring is caused by an illness such as chronic sinusitis, it’s time to seek help. Many patients have found long-lasting snoring relief from Dr. Kaplan’s balloon sinuplasty procedure. 

As the pioneer for balloon sinuplasty in Houston, Dr. Kaplan has helped countless Houstonians rid themselves of their annoying snoring habits, improving their own sleep quality and that of those around them. Trust us, your loved ones will thank you for finding a proper snoring treatment.

Schedule an appointment with Kaplan Sinus Relief today to say goodbye to snoring! Better breathing is just one call or click away. 

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