The Most Common Reasons for Snoring

February 15, 2017

2 minutes

Snoring is a common problem that gets on everyone’s nerves. Most people have probably been kept up at night by someone who snores. Snoring isn’t just annoying though, it’s usually a sign of respiratory issues.

Although it might not be a problem during teen years, a person can suddenly develop a snoring disorder later in life. Here are some reasons why this might occur.

  1. Overeating and Lack of Exercise

Eating too much and not exercising enough causes fat to accumulate in your throat. This can result in snores that grow louder as the neck grows thicker. Burning away excess calories is the best way to reduce the severity of the condition.

  1. Wrong Sleeping Position

Many studies have shown that people who sleep on their side are less likely to snore than people who lie on their backs while sleeping. This occurs due to the force of gravity being exerted on the tongue, causing it to fall back down the throat and create an obstruction in the air passage.

  1. Allergies

There might be something you are allergic to in the area where you sleep, and that can be the reason behind your snores. Take stock of the surrounding environment to see if you can identify any factor that might cause an allergic reaction and try to get rid of it.

  1. Aging

Sometimes, the simple process of your body growing older can cause you to develop the condition. In such cases, you can try using one of the many medical devices available on the market and minimally-invasive procedures to help deal with snoring.

  1. Respiratory Illness

You could also be suffering from the kind of snoring that results from some form of respiratory disease. It could be the remnant of the common cold, or it could be something more serious.

If you have suffered from an illness in the recent past and suddenly developed snoring, consult a doctor to make sure the condition does not worsen and to get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.  Contact our office 713-793-6422 about any questions and request an appointment online.


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