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TGS Navigation at Kaplan Sinus Relief

February 25, 2019

3 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

It’s not every day that something as pivotal to ENT surgery as Stryker’s TGS navigation is made available. This state-of-the-art technology uses augmented reality to help surgeons perform more accurate and precise surgeries, making it safer than ever for patients seeking relief from sinus problems.  Learn more about how TGS navigation is changing lives for the better.

The story behind Stryker TGS navigation

Stryker scopis navigation has its foundation in a software called Building Blocks, which was developed by Professor Peter J. Wormald and a worldwide team of ENT practitioners. The Building Blocks software is able to help doctors identify more clearly the structure of an individual patient’s sinus passageways.

Using this information, the software is able to map a planned pathway in real-time (both before and during the surgical procedure).

Stryker augmented reality & surgical navigation

The Stryker navigation for ENTs is the latest breakthrough in how to treat severe sinus congestion and bad allergies in Houston with more efficiency and less risk. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) requires ENTs to thread an endoscope through the sinus passageways. FESS surgeries are much less invasive than traditional sinus surgeries, which can require cutting of a patient’s bone or tissue.

Nevertheless, FESS surgeons are grateful for the additional information that TGS navigation provides. Using the software, surgeons are now better able to build pre-operative plans and navigate the sinus passageways with more accuracy.

How TGS navigation is changing lives at Kaplan Sinus Relief

Dr. Michael Kaplan of Kaplan Sinus Relief is the 1st doctor in the U.S. to use the groundbreaking TGS navigation in his practice. TGS navigation at Kaplan Sinus Relief is especially useful for patients seeking sinus relief through balloon sinuplasty treatment.

As you can see in these balloon sinuplasty patient reviews, balloon sinuplasty (with or without IV sedation) is an incredibly successful procedure, that helps provide sinus relief for an array of sinus conditions, including sinusitis and allergies.

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally-invasive, in-office procedure that can be performed in under 20 minutes. During the procedure, the surgeon threads a small balloon (attached to an endoscope) into the nasal passageways. Once the sinus cavity is reached, the tiny balloon is inflated, restoring proper drainage as a result. TGS navigation increases the likelihood of a successful balloon sinuplasty operation.

The future of surgery is here

TGS navigation with augmented reality is just the beginning of what promises to be an exceptional array of tools that help surgeons and patients alike receive better results. For now, Dr. Kaplan remains one of the few doctors in the country to have access to this technology.

If you’re interested in either TGS navigation, balloon sinus dilation in Houston, or both, don’t hesitate to call Kaplan Sinus Relief at 713-766-1818 or request an appointment online. Our experienced staff will guide you through every step of the process and set you up to finally find relief from your pesky sinus problems. 

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