8 Ways To Avoid Sinus Problems With Allergies In The Fall

October 13, 2017

4 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

Allergies in the fall come disguised with a present we all long for: cooler weather. After months of hot days and humid nights, no one has more reason to look forward to fall than a Houstonian. However, fall sinus problems can quickly bring misery if you suffer from sinus issues. The change in weather conditions and the introduction of new seasonal allergens can turn fall into a nightmare. Don’t ache and sneeze your way through another fall; see our sinus relief tips that no Houstonian should go without, here.

How to Beat Your Allergies in the Fall

Want to avoid terrible allergies in the fall? Your sinus relief begins with awareness of what’s in the air. One of the trickiest aspects of any seasonal shift is the appearance of new allergens. Fall’s increase in pollen and ragweed can trigger hay fever in those who have allergies and sinus issues. Among the most annoying of fall sinus problems, hay fever causes coughing, poor sinus drainage, sneezing, itching, and even sinus headaches, among other symptoms. While these allergens may be unavoidable outdoors, there are still things you can do to limit your exposure to allergies in the fall season:

  • Protect Your Sinuses When Working Outdoors: If your allergies are particularly severe, it may be worth it to wear a surgical mask while spending extended amounts of time outdoors. A surgical mask, while not the most attractive accessory, can help keep high-concentrations of allergens out of your sinuses while you’re outside.
  • Stay Clean: Allergens like to follow us inside to our homes. Eliminating them on entry is a great way to keep your indoor spaces sinus-friendly. Change your clothes and wash your hands and face as soon as you come home after a protracted period outdoors.
  • Run your A/C: Even with cooler outdoor temperatures, running both your home and car A/C regularly will help remove moisture from the air and prevent the formation of indoor mold, a major contributor to hay fever and sinus pain.
  • Invest in a HEPA Filter: Adding a HEPA air filter to your most frequently used rooms limits your exposure to allergens and gives your sinuses a much-needed break.

Not Just Allergies in the Fall: Avoid Dry Sinuses

Think allergies in the fall are just limited to a few unlucky friends? Even people with healthy sinuses suffer from common colds and sinus infection during the shift from summer to fall and fall to winter. Fall sinus problems could be more a general seasonal issue: when wet humidity is replaced with drier air and cooler temperatures, your sinuses may not drain properly. This makes it easier for bacteria to collect and form infections. Try the following techniques to moisten dry sinuses in the fall:

  • Use Humidifiers: The same way keeping allergies out of your indoor spaces helps you stay healthy, ensuring that your indoor air stays moist is crucial for healthier sinuses in the fall.
  • Drink Non-Caffeinated, Herbal Tea: In addition to the soothing steam, herbal vapors from tea can both soothe your irritated sinuses and improve drainage.
  • Use Saline Nasal Products: For as-needed relief, try saline nasal sprays instead of over-the-counter decongestants. Unlike other nasal sprays, saline nasal products are a non habit-forming, natural option that works to clear mucus, allergens, and bacteria.

Stay Ahead of Your Symptoms With Kaplan Sinus Relief

Allergies in the fall, or any other season, should never get you down. If you notice the tell-tale signs of fall or seasonal sinus problems, come see the Houston sinus experts at Kaplan Sinus Relief. Our doctors can help you find medically-proven relief for your seasonal allergies and sinus headaches, and can even help you find long-lasting relief through treatments like Balloon Sinuplasty in Houston. Don’t spend another fall dealing with allergies and sinus infections. Schedule your appointment with Kaplan Sinus Relief today to determine a treatment plan.


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