Balloon sinuplasty is a snoring treatment that works

If your chronic snoring is caused by sinus issues, balloon sinuplasty for snoring can help you sleep through the night again. A minimally invasive procedure with no incisions or tissue removal, balloon sinuplasty in Houston delivers lasting snoring relief in as little as 20 minutes.

“I don't recall the last time I've fully slept through the night, it has been many years. Last night was my first full rest, only day 6 after the surgery. Life changing experience to be able to breathe well again!”

- Jason S.

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How clogged sinuses can cause snoring

One in four people have a problem with chronic snoring and can’t stop snoring on their own. The side effects of snoring can be extensive and include everything from countless hours of lost sleep for them and their partners to cardiovascular issues.

When you investigate common snoring causes, you’ll discover that snoring problems often start with the sinuses. Your body naturally prefers to breathe through the nose during sleep. But if your sinus cavities are blocked, clogged, or misshapen, you are more likely to l breathe through your mouth instead. As you breathe through your mouth, the relaxed soft tissue in your upper airways can vibrate, which creates the dreaded sound of snoring.


How balloon sinuplasty stops snoring at the source

When your sinuses are blocked and air can’t flow properly, you’re more likely to snore at night. Balloon sinuplasty for snoring targets your blocked sinuses to provide quick, painless, and long-lasting relief from snoring.

Can balloon sinuplasty help snoring? Yes! In this simple three-step procedure, Dr. Michael Kaplan, MD locates your blocked sinus area using low-radiation imaging. Once the problem area is located, Dr. Kaplan gently inflates a small balloon in the affected sinus cavity, widening the passageway and restoring proper airflow so that you can breathe easier — day or night. The process is painless, minimally invasive, and performed 100% in-office in as few as 20 minutes.


Locate Blocked Sinus Pathway

Dr. Kaplan locates the affected sinus area(s).

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Clogged sinuses don’t drain properly, making it hard to breathe at night.


Insert + Inflate Balloon

Dr. Kaplan gently positions, inserts, and inflates the small balloon to reshape the sinus.

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A small endoscopic balloon widens the affected sinus area, restoring drainage.


Drainage Restored

The balloon is carefully removed from the reshaped sinus area and proper drainage is restored.

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A saline solution flushes the remaining buildup and stops your sinus snoring.

Can Balloon Sinuplasty give you relief?

If you're wondering how to find lasting relief from sinus symptoms, take our quiz to see if balloon sinuplasty is your answer. A few simple questions could put you on your path to better breathing.

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Balloon Sinuplasty Reviews From Real Snoring Patients

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How Kaplan Sinus Relief delivers Houston’s best snoring treatment

As the pioneer of balloon sinuplasty for snoring in Houston, Dr. Kaplan offers several innovations to ensure your balloon sinuplasty experience is as safe, effective, and relaxing as possible.


Balloon sinuplasty for snoring

In some cases, snoring is more than just bothersome for you and your partner. If you or your partner suffer from extremely loud snoring broken up by silence and gasping for air, you may have sleep apnea. Fortunately, balloon sinuplasty is a safe and effective treatment for the symptoms of sleep apnea, including snoring.

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Chronic sinusitis and snoring

Sinus infections can cause or worsen snoring. Chronic sinus infections themselves can be caused by a variety of factors, including bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, sudden weather changes, humidity, stress, allergens, and mold.

In addition to the usual sinus infection symptoms like sinus headaches, facial pain, excess mucus and phlegm, and toothaches, the blocked airways that accompany sinus infections can cause snoring. And if you get several sinus infections each year, this can add up to a lot of missed sleep for you and your partner.

Balloon sinuplasty treats the root cause of frequent sinus infections, eliminating irritating symptoms like snoring and providing years of better breathing.


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