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Board Certified medical doctor and sinus specialist Michael Kaplan is one of the foremost names in balloon sinuplasty, with patients who seek him out by name from all around the country. Now, he’s here to explain the balloon sinuplasty procedure and help you understand if balloon sinuplasty is the right choice for you and your chronic sinusitis issues, step by step.
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Am I a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty?

If you’re having 3-5 sinus infections a year or suffering from chronic sinusitis symptoms like facial pressure, sinus headaches, or discolored mucus for longer than 12 weeks, you may be a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty.

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Where do I get balloon sinuplasty?

Think that balloon sinuplasty is the solution to your sinus issues? Balloon sinuplasty is a quick, in-office procedure done right in our office. Learn how easy it is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaplan at Kaplan Sinus Relief in Houston, TX.

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What should I expect before the balloon sinuplasty procedure?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Kaplan will take the time to listen to you and understand your sinus symptoms and how they affect your life. If needed, we will use testing including in-office CT scans or allergy testing to determine the most effective course of treatment.

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What is the balloon sinuplasty procedure like?

Is balloon sinuplasty surgery painful? Do they put you to sleep for balloon sinuplasty? Learn more about how Dr. Kaplan makes the 100% in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure easy, pain-free, and comfortable for patients.

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How long does it take to recover from a balloon sinuplasty?

How do you feel after a balloon sinuplasty? Balloon sinuplasty recovery is much easier than you would expect. Within 24 hours, most patients are back to their normal activities with no bruising and completely healed by their one-week follow-up.

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What if balloon sinuplasty isn’t right for me? Consider additional in-office treatments.

Wondering what the alternatives to sinus surgery are in Houston? If you’re suffering from nasal obstruction NOT due to sinusitis, you may be a good candidate for LATERA implant or CLARIFIX for rhinitis relief.

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BONUS. Learn more about Dr. Kaplan!

Get to know Dr. Kaplan, Board Certified medical doctor and sinus specialist who is one of the pioneers of the balloon sinuplasty procedure.

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