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Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery: The Top 3 Benefits

August 31, 2020

5 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

If you’re considering various chronic sinusitis treatment options, then you may have heard of balloon sinuplasty surgery.  Balloon sinuplasty, considered a more effective alternative to over-the-counter medication and a safer alternative to traditional, more complicated nasal surgeries, is quickly rising in popularity. 

The purpose of balloon sinuplasty surgery is to reduce or completely eliminate complications that stem from chronic sinus infection or other recurrent sinus issues. These complications can expand to include everything from sinus headaches and nasal congestion to snoring and post-nasal drip.

There are three main benefits of balloon sinuplasty surgery, and these benefits make this procedure both appealing and convenient to chronic sinusitis victims.

Benefit 1: The procedure is an effective remedy for a range of sinus issues

As with any medical procedure, you likely want things to go smoothly, and you likely expect there to be long-lasting results. When it comes to balloon sinuplasty, this is definitely the case.

Here’s how it works: During the procedure, your ENT reshapes your nasal cavities to create more room for drainage — in other words, they are opening up your sinuses. To do this, your doctor will place a small tube equipped with a light and camera into your nasal passage. A balloon catheter is then inflated, expanding your nasal passages. 

25 minutes and a handful of simple steps later and you’re a whole new nose-breathing machine. Since so many sinus issues are related to issues with constricted or congested airways, this procedure helps alleviate a variety of problems. 

While the procedure is most well-knowing for relieving chronic sinusitis, patients have found relief with balloon sinuplasty for post-nasal drip, rhinitis, allergies, etc. Does balloon sinuplasty help with snoring? Sinus headaches? Chronic cough? It certainly can — just speak to your trusted sinus doctor to see if you’re a candidate. 

Benefit 2: The procedure is minimally invasive

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that takes less than 25 minutes from beginning to end. (To learn more about balloon sinuplasty and how long the procedure takes, check out our article: How long does the balloon sinuplasty procedure take?)

But exactly what does “minimally invasive” mean? In traditional sinus surgeries, your ENT typically has to cut away bone or nasal tissue in order to restore proper drainage. With balloon sinuplasty, there is no bone cutting or tissue removal involved — which means there is less room for the complications associated with traditional sinus surgery. 

These differences are what makes balloon sinuplasty a minimally invasive alternative to other sinus procedures. Patients who have anxiety around surgical procedures also have the option to use our relaxing IV sedation during the surgery.

We are often asked questions along the lines of “Is balloon sinuplasty painful?” As far as pain is concerned, you shouldn’t feel that much — if any at all. The area might be tender-to-touch, and you there might be a slightly bloody discharge. Again, these symptoms shouldn’t last long; recovery after balloon sinuplasty is typically a fairly relaxed and simple process.

Benefit 3: The procedure doesn’t require a long recovery process

After undergoing balloon sinuplasty surgery, you can expect a near full recovery within 24-48 hours and 100% full recovery within a week. You are allowed to return home an hour or two after the surgery is complete, and it’s recommended to refrain from any strenuous activities. 

In other words, you probably shouldn’t go run a marathon or mow the lawn, but you can definitely binge watch some Netflix and treat yourself to UberEats. It’s usually acceptable to return to work after 48 hours, but it’s always best to check with your doctor before resuming all day-to-day activities.

The cherry on top is that, even with a short recovery period, balloon sinuplasty has been shown to provide long-lasting results.Balloon sinuplasty patients report experiencing positive results as long as two years after the procedure, with no noticeable setbacks recorded. 

You may be wondering, “Is balloon sinuplasty permanent?” Since the procedure is modern and still relatively new, the jury is still out on this question. However, more and more promising data of longer-lasting results are constantly coming in. For balloon sinuplasty reviews, check out our balloon sinuplasty, “before and after” testimonials. 

Say hello to the benefits of balloon sinuplasty

…and goodbye to relentless sinus issues. 

Balloon sinuplasty is the simplest way to start breathing better. With balloon sinuplasty, you can finally get rid of that annoying nose whistle, that stuffy nose, or that chronic cough. Balloon sinuplasty can help you find relief from those chronic sinusitis issues you thought would be with you for the rest of your life.

Dr. Kaplan and the staff at Kaplan Sinus Relief have earned a widespread reputation for providing exceptional balloon sinuplasty in Houston. We can help you understand the ins and outs of this procedure and make sure your sinuses post-procedure are exactly what you envisioned.

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