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The 5 Most Common Sinus Pressure Causes

September 17, 2020

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Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

Whether you’re experiencing either regular or sudden sinus pressure, it’s important to understand the various sinus pressure causes. 

Acute and chronic sinusitis or even the common cold and flu are all common sinus pressure causes that can bring facial pain into your life. This pain is typically referred to as sinus pressure or a sinus headache. You can feel this pressure around your eyes, head, and cheeks, and these areas may feel tender or even painful.

However, sinus pressure is even more likely to pop up if you have a sinus infection or if your allergies are acting up. Since these conditions are known to cause swelling within the sinuses, pressure (and subsequently, facial pain) is a common side effect. 

Sinus pressure condition can be uncomfortable and affect your day-to-day life. The sooner you can figure out where your sinus pressure is stemming from, the sooner you can get your health and the quality of your life back under control.

Let’s take a few moments to cover the most common sinus pressure causes in more detail, as well as various treatment options.

How do you know if it’s sinus pressure?

Sinus pressure without congestion, a fever, foul-smelling breath, or other sinus-related symptoms may be a migraine. However, if you do have any of those symptoms, you may be struggling with a variety of sinus pressure causes.

If you feel as if you have a sinus headache that won’t go away, consider seeking out professional help. Uncomfortable facial pain should not be a permanent fixture in your life. In fact, it could lead to untreated sinusitis complications, such as a decreased sense of smell and orbital cellulitis.

The most common sinus pressure causes


Unfortunately, allergies are common, making them one of the top common sinus pressure causes. People all around the world suffer from allergies on a day-to-day basis, but if you can’t get your allergies under control and if you find yourself working, living, or sleeping around irritants, then you could end up suffering from chronic nasal congestion, chronic sinus pressure, fatigue, etc. 

The common cold 

When you have a cold, you might experience a build-up of mucus. This build-up can lead to pressure and facial pain.

Acute and chronic sinusitis

When you have a sinus infection, blockage and mucus build-up is normal. Acute sinusitis might last a few weeks, while chronic sinusitis can last months. Either way, sinusitis is caused by a viral or bacterial infection and can include a slew of symptoms, including sore throat, ear aches, and of course, sinus pressure.

Increased stress

Believe it or not, stress and anxiety can lead to sinus pressure. Stress is known to lead to a weakened immune system. More specifically, it can negatively impact your cilia, creating a more comfortable spot for harmful bacteria to grow. Check out our article on stress and sinus-related issues to learn more about this process.

Deviated septum

The majority of people don’t have perfectly equal left and right nasal passageways. Instead, they have a deviated septum. In some cases, this can lead to sinus-related issues, including snoring and sinus infections. Sinus pressure can show up as a result. 

How do you stop sinus pressure? 

If you have sinus pressure, then you’ll most likely want to know… how do you relieve sinus pressure? Sometimes, this can be done at home. In more serious situations, however, it will require the assistance of a professional. Before you call up your ENT doctor, here are a few steps you can try.

  1. Use a warm compress on your face and think about taking a steamy shower. Humidity can work wonders.
  2. Use a saline spray to flush out all that nasty bacteria and to rid yourself of some of that buildup.
  3. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Give your body a fighting chance to take care of itself.
  4. After consulting with your doctor, take a trip to your drug store and pick up some over-the-counter meds (decongestants or anti-inflammatories work best). Just make sure that you use these as-recommend, since overuse or abuse of these medications can actually worsen your sinus issues. 
  5. Add some spice to your life and include some garlic, onions, wasabi, or peppers to your next meal. Let that spice flush things out for you.
  6. Take it easy and steer clear of strenuous exercise, but maybe think about adding some yoga to your routine for the next few days. Remember, stress can increase your chances of succumbing to sinus pressure.

Are common sinus pressure causes leaving you in pain? Contact Kaplan Sinus Relief today.

Common sinus pressure causes and their attendant symptoms shouldn’t be a daily part of your life. At Kaplan Sinus Relief, we have a variety of treatment options designed to improve your breathing and eliminate sinus pressure. One of our most popular chronic sinusitis treatments is balloon sinuplasty.

Balloon sinuplasty in Houston is an in-office procedure that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The procedure is minimally-invasive and safe and can provide long-lasting relief from sinus-related complications. We’ve helped hundreds of patients overcome sinus complications with balloon sinuplasty, and we can help you, too. 

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