Balloon Sinuplasty, Snoring

Balloon Sinuplasty and Snoring

June 26, 2020

4 minutes

Reviewed by Michael Kaplan, MD

When it comes to balloon sinuplasty and snoring, the benefits are clear, as many experts consider balloon sinuplasty to be one of the most effective ways to reduce snoring.

But how does the balloon sinuplasty work to stop snoring? And is anyone with a snoring problem eligible for balloon sinuplasty treatment? Keep reading for the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about balloon sinuplasty and snoring. 

Can sinus surgery stop snoring? 

Yes, sinus surgeries like balloon sinuplasty can help reduce snoring. Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive sinus surgery that can help relieve snoring. The relief of snoring can have a positive effect on your overall health. Snoring is more than just a disruption to those around you — it can actually affect your health. Check out 10 common side effects of snoring, including chronic headaches, falling asleep at work, and heart disease. 

Why is balloon sinuplasty successful?

Balloon sinuplasty works from the inside-out to fully treat the root cause of snoring. Here’s how balloon sinuplasty works:

  1. Your physician locates the sinus area in need of treatment
  2. Your physician positions the device near the treatment area
  3. Your physician inflates the nasal balloon to restore drainage
  4. Your physician removes the device from the treatment area

The whole procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and most patients should experience full balloon sinuplasty recovery in 24 hours or less.

At Kaplan Sinus Relief, balloon sinuplasty is also coupled with state-of-the-art technology to promote an added layer of accuracy and safety. The innovative technology known as the Target Guided Surgery (TGS) navigation system assists your physician in creating a preoperative plan. This plan is overlaid onto a real-time image of your anatomy and shown via endoscopic camera — resulting in more foresight, better planning, and an overall more successful surgery. 

On top of this, our patients can opt for IV sedation during their balloon sinuplasty procedure. IV sedation helps keep patients calm during the procedure, while allowing them to remain alert enough to respond to questions and follow instructions. 

Does balloon sinuplasty last forever? 

Balloon sinuplasty isn’t just successful because of the process itself — but also because of the long-lasting results. While balloon sinuplasty is relatively new compared to other procedures, early data on the length of relief provided by balloon sinuplasty is very promising. 

According to recent research, the majority of patients report experiencing immediate results with no setbacks even after two years post-procedure. To hear it straight from the patients themselves, check out our balloon sinuplasty reviews

Who makes a good balloon sinuplasty candidate?

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure that provides long-lasting results, making this procedure a great choice for anyone seeking relief from chronic snoring and sinus infections. But if you’ve been taking medication or undergoing other various treatments for sinus infections with no real results, you are a prime balloon sinuplasty candidate. 

Unfortunately, patients who have polyps or an overgrowth of tissues in their sinuses may need to seek an alternative treatment. Speak with your ENT about your options.  

Learn more about balloon sinuplasty, snoring, and other sinus-related issues

At Kaplan Sinus Relief, we have decades of combined experience helping our patients overcome many sinus-related issues. We are front-runners in balloon sinuplasty in Houston and have helped patients from all over the nation breathe freely and sleep better.

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